Youth and Family Activities

My wife Kathy and I have participated in all Herndon pyramid schools as our four children have progressed through their education. We have both been leaders in scouting programs girls and boys, youth sports organization, and Herndon Band supporters. We firmly believe Herndon is a great place to raise a family.

The amazing community spirit and youth programs drew us to Herndon. Without high-density development Herndon is already at capacity on usage of community and county sports fields. Without any hope of new fields, Herndon and the county have to invest in turf and lights on as many fields as possible to expanded the usage to accommodate the demand. This will require investments that may not be possible if the town over commits in other areas. Once over crowding and lack of sports fields begins the sports programs will reduce and youth program will suffer. Herndon should commit to more inclusive and larger public impact programs such as sports and recreation programs.

By over crowding our town with mass development, our school populations grow too large for current facilities. This requires more temporary building on campuses and ultimately, more County taxes for new expansion construction. The Town Officials have to understand the cause and effect to their actions now and years to come, both in taxes and quality of life.