Development and Infrastructure

As your Mayor, Roland Taylor will scrutinize all development proposals carefully to ensure developers are paying their fair share and the community is not negatively impacted. Herndon is the choice of so many new families that love our small town spirit and character, which is uniquely located within the metro area. Our amazing community recreational activities and outstanding schools attract families. Growth can be positive, if properly planned.

Roland is very concerned with the recent rezoning and higher density approvals that have been happening at an accelerated rate over the last few years in Herndon. There is no reason the town should follow the Fairfax County model of density ratios as the impacts are totally different. Most citizens Roland talks to, are correctly concerned about the traffic impacts to those areas and resulting dangers to pedestrians and cyclist. Additionally, rapid large population increases will over crowd the already stressed schools and parks.

It is critical that the Town of Herndon not rush in rezoning. We should not over commit to the high-density pressure of developers that have no concern for the citizens of Herndon, and are only concerned with their own profit margins. There are currently massive construction projects at all Metro stations on the toll road and within the Reston area. Herndon’s property values will grow without adding high density due to our location and character. Carefully planned growth aligned with strategic modeling for the future of Herndon is required.