Development and Infrastructure

Herndon is the choice of so many new families that love our small town spirit and character, which is uniquely located within the metro area. Our amazing community recreation activities and outstanding schools attract families. I am very concerned with the recent rezoning and higher density approval that is happening at an accelerated rate without enough public input or the correct expert advisers/consultants. There is no reason the town should follow the county model of density ratios as the impacts are totally different.

If incorrect projections by bias consultants are used, Herndon will be launched on a path of higher taxes and over population. Once the footprints of the large Metro area building are made with high-density models, Herndon’s character will forever be changed. Most citizens I have talked to are correctly concerned on the traffic impact to that area and resulting danger to pedestrians or cyclist.

However few citizens in other parts of town have stop to consider the huge infrastructure tax/fee cost the town will have to incur for water and sewer project to support the high density. This will require the town citizens to pay higher taxes and user fees for decades to pay off the required bonds. The demand for town services will increase and so will the town’s staff request for more personnel and higher pay. Again resulting in the need for more taxpayer funding. This spiral of higher town cost and taxation could result in housing prices becoming so high homebuyer begin to avoid Herndon as we have all seen in Maryland communities.

It is critical that the Town of Herndon not rush too fast in our planning and rezoning. We should not over commit to high-density pressure of developers that have no concern for the citizens of Herndon, but are only concerned on profit. If we are not in a developer’s created pricing bubble then the town’s property value will grow. There are currently massive construction projects at all Metro stations on the toll road and within the Reston area. Herndon’s property values will grow without adding high density due to our location and character. Carefully planned growth aligned with strategic modeling of the future of Herndon is required.