Elect Roland Taylor for Herndon Town Council

This campaign comes down to the basic issue of “quality of life of citizens” versus “quantity of population for taxes”. Voters have to decide why they selected to live in Herndon and if that quality of life style will continue with a higher density rezoning model the current Town Council is supporting.

With our homes being our largest personal investment, we must not move forward as a town without seriously considering the future impact of the current high density re-zoning to current home prices and future tax rates.

A Real Independent Candidate

  • Independent candidate, with no partisan politics or resulting compromises and self-funded.
  • No concerns of compromises from campaign contributions by developers or real estate companies or their employees.
  • No funding from partisan political officials or parties. Our town charter did NOT intend this.
  • Local elections are not a place for “loaded ticket” campaigns of six candidates with partisan connections and support. Why?
  • Look up campaign reports and see out of town, real estate professionals, and developer contributions. Go to: http://cfreports.sbe.virginia.gov/

For More Open and Transparent Government

  • Support our community spirit that honors family values.
  • Promote transparent local government with citizen inputs.

Will Work to Control Spending and Lower Taxes

  • Prevent high density and over crowding that results in more traffic, no parking, higher user fees, and taxes.
  • Require more parking and green space in all developments.
  • Will not support giving away valuable town property to developers.
  • Will require developers to pay there way on required infrastructure for their for-profit properties.
  • Control budget and spending to keep taxes low and home values higher.
  • Protect single-family homes and neighborhoods from high-density developers.
  • Not over burden Herndon taxpayers for 20-30 years with commercial infrastructure bonds that only benefit developers today. High taxes and over crowded density will hurt all home values going forward regardless of Metro benefits. Establish limits on town borrowing that are long-term tax burdens, resulting in huge impacts to lower income families and senior citizens.

Support Community Programs that are Inclusive of ALL Citizens

  • Support parks and recreation for youth and family activities. We need more multi-purpose all weather youth sports fields.
  • Will support and communicate with our civic organizations, youth programs, and homeowner’s associations that provide amazing services to the town enhancing our quality of life in Herndon.
  • Fully expect any Town facility tenants to become self-supported, reducing taxpayer’s dollars spent on these private enterprise ventures Will support youth arts and music programs that reach and impact a broader spectrum of our community’s youth.