Elect Roland Taylor for Herndon Town Council, it is time for CHANGE

As your Mayor, Roland Taylor will provide leadership and common sense solutions. This campaign comes down to the basic issue of the quality of life of citizens versus population growth for more tax revenue. Voters have to decide why they selected to live in Herndon and if that quality of life style will continue with a higher density rezoning model the current Town Council are supporting.

Herndon, is one of the highest taxed Towns in Virginia. Our services fees and rates have been raised and large bonds secured. The most harmful tax voted for was an increase to the Town’s Meals Tax. This Meals Tax hurts our local businesses and is a regressive tax on the lower income population. The issue of affordable housing for low income and seniors, must include lowering our property taxes.

As Herndon begins our re-growth from the economic impacts of COVID, the Town budget will require realignment and all projects prioritized by importance.  Roland Taylor, is an experience international program manager and has years of experience managing large federal contracts, budgets, and staff. Quality services can be maintained at lower cost with effective management. As your Mayor, Roland Taylor will provide his proven international effective leadership to Herndon for our recovery from the negative impacts of COVID-19 and back Herndon Strong!

It is time for a CHANGE to Results, not divisive Rhetoric.

  • As your Mayor Roland Taylor, will be focused daily working to lowering your taxes, utilities, and fees.

  • Independent common sense centrist candidate, with no bias divisive partisan political agenda who will work with and for ALL citizens. With no political party restriction to work or fight for Herndon at all levels of Virginia government on either side. Local level government works best without bias parties involved.

  • No compromises from campaign contributions from developers or real estate companies or their employees.

  • No funding from partisan political officials or parties. Our town charter did NOT intend and ALL candidates should honor.

  • Local elections are not a place for partisan politics and should have term limits. At the local level we should ALL work together as neighbors.

For More Open and Transparent Government

  • Will promote our amazing inclusive community spirit.

  • Will lead a transparent OPEN local government with citizen inputs and public hearings.

  • As your Mayor Roland Taylor, will continue his career’s work for inclusive government and impartial rule of law to protect endangered populations.

Will Target Traffic, Parking, and Green Spaces.

  • As your Mayor Roland Taylor, will scrutinize development proposals for density impacts to our schools and over crowding that results in more traffic, less parking space.

  • Require more parking and green space in all development proposals. This will reduce street parking.

  • Will require developers to invest in required infrastructure for their properties.

  • Control budget and spending to keep taxes low and home values higher.
  • Protect single-family home values, neighborhoods, and schools from high-density developers.

  • Establish limits on town borrowing that are long-term tax burdens, resulting in huge impacts to lower income families and senior citizens. Affordable housing begins with lower taxes.

Support Community Programs that are Inclusive of ALL Citizens

  • As your Mayor Roland Taylor will continue his years of support of our environment, amazing parks, and recreation areas for our youth and families to enjoy now and in the future.

  • Will support and communicate with our civic organizations, youth programs, and homeowner’s associations that provide amazing services to the town by enhancing our quality of life in Herndon.

  • Will encourage  youth arts and music programs that reach and impact a broad spectrum of our community’s youth.